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Welcome to a place of positivity and fun, where I will show you everything that can be achieved after suffering birth trauma injuries, and with a stoma, both of which I have. A chameleon can change itself according to the situation it finds itself in, and so can we. We can do anything! There are lots of different categories of blogs where I have photos and blogs on various activities I have done. Here’s a little taster:

Half Ironman


Scuba diving 

Open water skins swimming

Chicken rescuing.....

If you want to understand the true extent of my recovery, please visit category “My diary of birth trauma and stoma“, excerpts from a diary I kept during my first initial months of hell in 2011-2012, and read it in date order from the bottom. Although grim reading it explains the dark place I was in....to appreciate the light you need to understand the dark. If you just want the fun parts, jump right to the blog page and click on any link to get started with some of my activities!​

The dark was then.

The light is now. 


From 1st October 2020 to 1st May 2021 I am committed to wearing just a bikini, silicone hat and goggles, for ALL open water swims...come wind rain, or snow. I live in Northumberland so the latter is likely! I am raising money for the fabulous Birth Trauma Association, who support women and their families who have experienced birth trauma. 

I am getting my bag out and my bikini on to raise awareness of birth injuries and stomas. I didn’t get my bag out in public until June 2020, and now I am putting up a sign on the beach telling my story to strangers, while prancing about in the icy sea. 

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Keep smiling, 

Gill Castle 

**This site is being continually updated, coming soon will be advice for ostomates who want to know the practical side of how to do all the things I have done with a bag. Please contact me if you have anything you would like me to cover. Thanks Gill**


First bikini outing, summer solstice 2020. Euphoric.


Never let your doubts stop you trying anything – just give it a go and don’t look back!

Gill Castle
The Mummy MOT 9th September 2020


I think you’re so brave doing this and doing it warts and all! Hopefully this will give reassurance and confidence to others to get out there and just do it stoma and all. So what if things go abit awry sometimes you’ve shown that it’s possible to live a ‘normal’ life. Your blog is hilarious and uplifting and I’m sure will inspire others to ‘just do it’ I look forward to more escapades. Good luck!

Helen Marie

It's great to read about positivity with a stoma. It's a pain, and it's a worry, and nothing changes that. And it gets people down, which is understandable. But it does not stop the majority of people getting a lot out of life. Positive role models like you really, really help. Keep telling your story! And all of the best people are open water swimmers....

Steve W

Coping with a stoma can be so difficult & there’s times when it sort of takes over who you are & what you think you can achieve...that’s why I love this page. Find your warts & all posts inspirational, funny, informative & your positivity just shines through

Karen S