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Mermaid Army - Women Who Swim

I was recently contacted by Jayne Wright, an incredibly talented sculptor based in Margate, and who has been exhibiting her ceramic Mermaid Army in recent months. Her Army features the beautifully sculpted torsos of Women Who Swim, showcasing all the different bodies who take to our waters here in the UK. Jayne had been directed to my instagram page, and expressed an interest in including me in her army.

Jayne had never seen a stoma bag before, let alone tried to create one in clay, so there were several messenger chats about positioning, size and colour, Jayne taking great care to ensure that the bag was accurately portrayed.

I feel humbled and amazed that someone would think that much of my body, that they would want to encapsulate it in a permanent medium such as clay. I would never have dreamed of getting my body out in such a way even before I had my ostomy, so it makes me feel proud of how far I have come with my post-partum body, scars, bag and all.

The final results are incredible, and the sculpture really comes to life in the water, just as I do myself.

Jayne has gifted me the sculpture as a mascot, and I will treasure it while I work out how best to use it for my causes.

This is such a fabulous example of women empowering women, Jayne using her considerable talent to lift up and celebrate the beauty and strength of the female body. Thank you, Jayne!

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