1st October 2020

Birth Trauma Association Fundraiser...wearing only a BIKINI, silicone hat and goggles for ALL open water swims, 3 times per week, until 1st May 2021


Good Housekeeping Online article

21st October 2020

Everything you need to know about wild swimming


POSTER distribution


The posters are now ready, contact me for a copy/link to post. Help me spread the word of positivity

Image by Jonas Jacobsson

Outdoor Swimming Society article

October 9th 2020


Northumberland Gazette article

November 5th 2020

Article in the Northumberland Gazette about my bikini challenge and birth trauma

Drinking Coffee

Huffington Post article

January 5th 2021

Read my story in my own words, how my traumatic birth first broke me,  but then gave me a life better than I could ever have imagined possible.

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Glynns Solicitors sponsor Channel Swim 2023

January 7th 2021

Glynn's Solicitors, Bath, have contributed £1,000 to the Channel Swim 2023! 

Read the blog post.


Mirror article

31st January 2021

Article in the Mirror about my story of hope after trauma


Swim Wild Podcast

January 31st 2021

A chat with Karen Parry of SwimWildPodcast, about overcoming my fear of the sea to sign up to swim the Channel solo, alongside the practical issues of learning to swim with my stoma.

Karen says "The episode itself is a complete shot of pure joy. If your levels are getting low, this will definitely top them up."

Take a listen!

Image by Matt Botsford

Birth Trauma Podcast with Jay Morgan Hyrons

February 3rd 2021

An unusually in-depth conversation with Jay about my birth trauma, stoma surgery and how I overcame it all

Laptop On Tray

Convatec Me Plus feature

12th February 2021

Feature on the Convatec Me Plus I website


Colostomy UK Tidings Magazine 

1st March 2021

Cover girl! I have written an article covering my stoma journey, from traumatic beginning to triumphant end....online version coming soon...