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Glynn's Solicitors contribute to Channel Swim 2023

A huge thank you to Glynn’s Solicitors, Bath, who have very kindly contributed £1000 towards my Channel swim 2023. This very generous contribution has enabled me to book a place on the Varne Ridge Dover Swim Camp in October this year, run by Tracy Clark and Roger, and where I will meet Stuart Gleeson, pilot of my boat (Sea Leopard). These swim camps are an integral part of the training for a channel swim, and for me it will be the first opportunity to see Dover, swim at night near a boat, and learn to swim on my own without my usual swimming buddies (this is brushing over the fact that I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED). There is a lot included on these camps, advice on training, nutrition and feeding from the boat, boat set up and tides etc. I am very grateful to Glynn’s for their continued support.

Julie Glynn, together with her colleague Alicia, successfully brought my case against the NHS Trust for my injuries all those years ago. They understood my reluctance to sue( which is silly really, since I was both disabled and unemployed). They were both kind, compassionate and understanding, and they endured many a conversation with me with my tiny baby screaming in the background, or with me crying down the phone. I have kept in touch with Julie over the years, as I always wanted her to know how much she had helped me to get to where I am today - healthy, content and happy. It was through Julie that I was introduced to Carolyn Vaizey, of St Marks Hospital in Harrow, and to Professor Robin Phillips, who repaired my fistula successfully after I had suffered for a year with sepsis in the fistula tract. Just prior to the successful conclusion of my case, I suffered a miscarriage and was so distressed I was unable to speak to Julie or deal with any of the legal nicesties, I couldn’t even speak to them on the phone - that was left to my husband. And as always, Julie and Alicia were full of empathy for my situation, and they didn’t take it personally that I felt literally incapable of having a conversation at all.

I am thrilled that Glynn’s are keen to help me spread the word of positivity after trauma, so that I can help other women who suffered just like I did.

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