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What to wear, eat, bag management

Cycling Advice

I started cycling in 2015, on a fixed bike in a turbo training class. I didn't have a road bike, was very overweight and I hadn't been on a bike for over 20 years. I have now cycled 100 miles in a day a couple of times, road cycle 2/3 times a week, taken part in competitive triathlons. All advice is just based on my own experience, I am not medically qualified. 

Scroll down to the Cycling section to see what I wear and how I manage my bag.

What to wear, bag management

Swimming advice

I have been a keen swimmer all of my life, and when I first got my stoma it was one of the things I was terrified of losing. It took me a while to work out what I needed to do in order to swim with confidence. I have now swum in lakes, swimming pools, the sea, rivers, sat in jacuzzi's and thermal pools. 

Scroll down to the Swimming advice section to see what I wear and how I manage my bag for swimming. 

What to wear, bag management, harness preparation

Sky diving

I have only sky dived once, from 15,000 ft. But still, I did it and might be able to answer some questions you may have if you are thinking of doing the same. 

Scroll down to the Sky Diving section to see what to expect when you sign up for a skydive with a stoma, what I wore, and how I managed my bag. 

What to expect, bag management

Scuba Diving

I started my PADI open water diving course in September 2019, and am waiting for the opportunity to complete my open water swims. 

I will keep updating this page as I learn more about what it is like to dive with a stoma. 

Scroll down to the Scuba Diving section to learn more about diving with a stoma, what to expect from your medical and how to manage your bag. 

Toileting and bag management, what to pack


I have camped in "proper" campsites, and out on the hills. 

Scroll down to the Camping section for advice on what to wear, what to take, how to go to the toilet and change your bag in the country side without toilet facilities. 

Swimming, cycling and running events, bag management


I completed my first sprint triathlon in 2015, and subsequently competed in several more triathlons, including an Olympic distance and a half ironman.

Scroll down to the Triathlons Section for advice on bag management and what to expect from an event from a stoma wearers point of view. 

Planes, trains, boats and cars


I have flown on aeroplanes, been on big and small boats, driven long distances and been on trains. 

Scroll down to the Travelling section for practical advice on what to do when travelling with a stoma. 








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