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Gill and Beyond Fistula

Beyond Fistula is a Not For Profit Foundation set up by an American family, Debra and Arielle Matityahu, with the aim of helping women and girls in Kenya with obstetric fistulas rebuild their lives. I, too, had an obstetric fistula after childbirth, and like me, many of the women are left with permanent stomas. The difference is that I have access to unlimited stoma supplies, and our country is much more supportive of women left disabled after childbirth.

Click on the link to find out how I got involved with this fabulous organisation!


I am delighted to be working with the Foundation, and have some specific projects I am involved with. 

Please read below to find out some more.

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Funding for Stoma supply postage


Social Media Appeal

Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Visit to Kenya

Lifechanging supplies

I have been, and continue to, collect surplas stoma products and accessories from UK ostomates. I have a fundraiser open where people may contribute to the high cost of the postage.

Coming soon!

I am setting up a social media appeal which EVERYONE can get involved in FOR FREE.

Watch this space....

June 2022

I am flying to Eldoret, Kenya, to meet the girls in person

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