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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

In October 2011 I gave birth to my son, Sam, at 34 weeks gestation, a traumatic birth which resulted in a permanent stoma (colostomy). Over the following years I have set out to prove to myself, and others, what is achievable with a stoma, as initially I was presented with a lot of “no, you can’t do that with one of those”. I also wanted to overcome the trauma of the birth, which resulted in the loss of my job as a police officer, and which forced me to create a new identity for myself. I was diagnosed with PTSD and post-natal depression but over the years have learnt new ways to manage my anxiety and depression, namely open water swimming, an optimistic outlook and with a little assistance from anti depressants. I have become consumed by a desire to face my fears and try new things, my fears encompassing heights, the sea, open water, flying, spiders....

I have set up this page to hopefully give a little inspiration to those people who have found themselves either with a stoma, or some birth related trauma (physical and/or mental) because during those early weeks and months this is something I dearly needed to see.

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