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The Stoma Swimmer - BBC Sounds Audio Series

Joanna Lonsdale and Jane Downs from the BBC have created a stunning audio series covering my story from the birth to my current challenge - to become the first person with a stoma to swim the English Channel solo!

The Stoma Swimmer is a 5 part audio series on BBC Sounds - here.

There were many people interviewed as part of the series, and I chatted to the artist Tracey Emin, about how we met on social media and the challenges we have both faced with our stomas. Tracey has been a huge supporter of my charity Chameleon Buddies since it was registered in June 2022.

Others who have taken part in the series include the MP Theo Clarke, who has started the first APPG for Birth Trauma in Parliament, with which I have been involved. Sally Minty-Gravitt MBE, record breaking Channel swimmer, who has the Guinness World Record for swimming the English Channel 6 times over 6 decades - including a 2 way. Stuart Gleeson and English Channel pilot from Sea Leopard Charters, Kim Thomas CEO of the Birth Trauma Association, together with my friends and family are also featured.

BBC Breakfast ran a gorgeous story on the podcast and my swimming journey - here.

And finally, over one million read the article produced by the BBC on my upcoming challenge! Here

My original Channel solo slot at the end of August 2023 was lost due to bad weather, but I am currently on a waiting list to be slotted in before the season ends at the start of October. I have arranged a 2 way 21 mile Lake Windermere Swim for Saturday 30th September if I am unable to swim the Channel due to the weather. But, fingers crossed!

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