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Kenya flights booked!

I have booked my flights to Kenya to visit the girls at the Beyond Fistula foundation in Eldoret. The plan is for me to visit the Gynocare hospital where the girls are treated for their fistulas, and the program house where they undertake their re-training after surgery. I may also have the opportunity to travel out to the villages to see the girls in their home setting.

Debbie Matityahu, CEO of Beyond Fistula, together with Nicola Napier who is coming with me as support, and I are going to have a zoom meeting to further discuss the trip itinerary.

The trip will be hard work but very worthwhile, and I am very much looking forward to it.

I’ll keep you all posted! I hope to meet 15 year old Siantayo, seen below with the stoma supplies I fundraised to send out.

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