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Home working. There ain’t no point worrying

My office for the next.....however long. I often find myself feeling grateful for the utter shitstorm (😉) I found myself in during Those Awful Years, and in a funny way it was the best thing that ever happened to me. What a bonkers statement you might think.

Well, not really, as it made me so much more grateful for what I did have, so much more appreciative of my health when I got it back, and so much more motivated to try everything in life while I could. It also opened my eyes to the fact that worrying really doesn’t change a thing, as completely unexpected things can happen, which you still find a way through. How many utterly vile things have happened in your life...and yet you’re still here. Might be a bit broken...but Still Here.

So why worry when the reality is humans are bloody awesome, resilient and capable creatures who can overcome the seemingly impossible.

My plan for the next...however long is simple.

Every day I am going to wake up and do whatever it is that I’m allowed to do. See friends, not see friends, whatever it maybe. I’m going to take each day as it comes, make no plans and savour every moment in the sea/outside/with my son and husband I can get.

There are 2 choices in life I feel sometimes. You can either rant and rave, waste energy, be completely miserable and have a bitterly disappointing time. Or, you can accept what life throws at you, be thankful for what you have got and have a coffee. Bitterness is such a waste of time.

Clearly I will also spend some time shouting FUCKING HELL I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS SHIT, stamp my feet and burst into tears.

But...take each day as it comes I say. Don’t look too far ahead of the big unknown as it will scare you shitless (predictive text wrote that as shirtless which actually might be much more fun).

We’ll be reet 😘

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