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Hear hear for a New Year!

What to write, how to start? Should this be all about me, or about a review of the world in 2020? I could mention all things Covid related, as of course this has been the dominant feature, but really I set up my blog as an escape from all that. And anyway, why set up a blog if it isn’t an excuse to talk about yourself, haha! I’m not a key worker, I have kept my job, and although the main breadwinner has only worked for one month since March, we have no complaints. It would be spectacularly insensitive to complain at all. I have managed to see my parents, my close friends, and continue with my hobbies, apart from a brief 2 months when I was unable to drive to the sea. As people's complaints grew, I realised that my life was already very small. I have stripped away much of the excess over the years, surrounding myself with good friends, taking part in hobbies which for the main part simply involve being in the great outdoors. I am extremely content to live where I do, and it turns out I have a life of simple pleasures anyway. I took my wedding ring and other rings off back in March when it was advised to do so to avoid spreading the virus (no idea if that advice still stands), and I haven't really put them back on. Made me wonder why I have them anyway - to show other people, or for me? Funny how the world is waking up to material possessions being so...immaterial. People have taken to wearing comfy clothes and no makeup, to taking pleasure in just Being. So in many ways, people have just started to live the way I have done for years!

Along with most people, we have sacrificed holidays, trips to see family, and done what we can. It’s been frustrating in many ways to have our wings clipped, but I’m focused on the long term goal – I think that I am used to digging in and getting on, not taking short cuts or opting for the quick way through, which might make you happier in the short term, but would make the long term goal even further away. So for me, I have found it easier than most. After huge trauma, you learn to stop fighting against things you can do nothing about, be patient and take it each day at a time.

So what has 2020 done for me? As we know, I randomly started a blog at the end of July, and within a week had been on BBC Radio Newcastle which prompted me to start my website. The week before I started my blog, I had jumped (fallen) out of a plane at 15,000 ft, an unbelievably terrifying experience, and one which I will never EVER repeat as long as I live. This was the ultimate challenge for me, as I am terrified of flying and heights, but during the following week I began to hunger for something else. And so came the blog. I had had no idea what to expect and it has been one heck of an experience so far.