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Give a bag a name

It struck me yesterday that I hadn't really introduced Colin properly. Eh? Who the dickens is he? Back in the Dark Days of 2011, when I first got my stoma, I decided I needed to give it a name. It was a hassle saying "colostomy", and "bag" made it sound like I was carting around a supermarket bag for life (though, funnily enough, it was a bag for life ). At the time I loathed the noisy little shit (geddit) so chose a name which I didn't like...Colin, also a play on colostomy. I mean, pure genius right. Hah, I was lacking inspiration at the time. In actual fact, a lot of people give their stomas names. For me, it was a way of distancing myself from it, and to make it easier to chat about - I'd comment "Oh, it's just colin making noises"...boys are always the ones for toilet humour anyway, aren't they. Wish I'd chosen something a bit snazzier. Like Victor, or Pizazz, or Jupiter! And of course in one fell swoop, I offended the nations Colin's, which doesn't amount to many in my small world, but still. No-one likes to be the butt of people's jokes eh. Eeee. I'm on fire here mind. Just curious though. What would you call yours?!

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