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Two little fishes

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Another dream come true today at the Fifth Point Dive Centre in Blyth, Sam and I diving under the water together. Nearly 9 years after having Sam and my stoma, when doubts were cast on my ability to ever attempt diving, here I am doing this very thing with the tiny 4lb7 baby boy who’s grown up to be such an adventurous dude. Mr Enthusiastic is very excited to do his own PADI course next year and he can’t wait to be diving with me and his dad “in Hawai! Or the tropical seas!”...he’ll have to make do with Beadnell but hey, we all need a dream!

The guys at Fifth Point are brilliant, really friendly, professional and totally unfazed by my bag, my anxiety and nerves over everything. Nic and James are the very antithesthis of snooty divers, they’ve never made me feel stupid and have been so welcome. Sam has loved his 2 dive sessions too.

I also had the chance to meet up with someone I have come into contact with via my blog, who was worried about diving with a stoma and who had seen my blog and had a boost of inspiration to get back diving. I’m in awe of how far they have come in the short time they have had their bag and I just know that once they take that step back in the water they won’t look back. A really really positive thing to come out of my blog...just shows what can happen if you SHARE THIS PAGE!

PS confirmation also that NO ONE looks good in a dive suit....and if you do....stay away from me please...

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