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First open water dive! At long last!

It’s been a busy weekend!! After COVID meant there has been a HUGE delay to me completing my tank sessions, I finally got in the water today, in at Ellerton lake down in Yorkshire.

WOOOOhooooooOoooOooooOooooo!! Swimming about UNDERNEATH the water with the fishies! Ellerton Water is a filtered lake with super clear long as you don’t kick the bottom and cause the silty stuff to cloud the water 😬

I know I’ve said it a million times but this is my page so I’ll say what I want 😬🤣😁 I will never in my life take this for granted, so close to not being able to do it at all. I feel GRATEFUL. Do what you can when you can. Please!

That’s the thought that kept popping into my head all day as I was swimming about...well, once I’d managed to actually descend properly, and got my little panics under control. Little demon voice of “you are useless at this! Come on, why can’t you do it”, nearly popped my bubble, but then I remembered that actually, f**k YOU demon voice, of course I can do this! So I crushed the little fucker, and once I started getting my buoyancy under control, I really began to enjoy it. Lots of little fish, even a car and a boat underneath to swim past. I did all my drills, mask off, ventilator swop (virtual due to Covid etc), and had a little explore. Two dives of 30 mins and I am shattered. Mind it takes far longer getting your kit on and off than anything else!

As this was a new stretch of water, naturally I had to get my kit off and get in in my bikini. I think the other divers thought I was joking...but off I trotted and in I plunged. It’s now so normal to be in a bikini I’ll be sauntering around Lidl in it next, I must remember it is a not something which most people don in the winter. In the UK.

Who wants to be like everyone else anyway!

Next dive next weekend, hoping it’s in the sea this time 🧜🏼‍♀️🤞🏻

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