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Sparrowhawk release

One of my passions is looking after animals, and I have rescued quite a few in my time, from ducklings, to kittens, chickens, cockerals, frogs, birds and hedgehogs. Helping animals gives me a sense of self worth I suppose, and also of course I love animals of all kinds. I am afraid that this love does not yet extend to spiders, but you can’t win em all.

I was asked to attend a sparrowhawk release by a friend who volunteers for a local rescue, and which had taken in the young female from a passerby who had found it after it had flown into a house window. The young female was very badly shaken and stunned, but made a full recovery after a few days and was released back at her home site. The video was taken in slow motion because they move so incredibly fast. If you visit my Facebook page you will see the video which I took live which doesn’t really capture the bird at all, much to my amusement. Sam was also invited along to hold the net in case it fell to the ground on release (and not to capture it the moment it flew out of the he was forewarned about his responsibility!). All‘s well that ends well though and off she flew back into the wild.

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