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Me, my zoo and I

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

My three cats, Georgie (Maine Coon), Rocky (black rescue), Frank (ginger rescue), are my world. I have also got 4 ex-commercial rescue hens, and 2 rabbits - Harry and Jasper, who roam free in my garden. When you are suffering from some sort of trauma, when your world is utter chaos and you have no idea what is going to happen from one day to the next, then animals can be a source of constant calm. Not always though, as chickens escape, cats have 3am zoomies around the house and rabbits eat your beloved flowers. I am known as the crazy cat lady as I love my cats so much. Georgie, together with her brother Dave, have been a constant part of my life for the last 10 years, and until Dave was run over 2.5 years ago, they were my go-to for sobbing over. The sudden, unexpected death of Dave was very difficult as he was not only my beloved cat, but one who had been such a source of comfort to me throughout my darkest days.

I now have my 3 fluffy beloveds, and they are a huge feature in my life. Frank is basically my emotional support animal, a huge big fluffy softy who loves cuddles. Rocky makes me laugh every day and is incredibly affectionate, a very loving, naughty boy. Georgie is my princess cat, my old girl who has seen me at my worst and accepted me entirely. That’s the thing with animals. There is no judgement. They are always the same and I love them for it all the more. I’m not sure where I would be without them in all honesty. They ground me.

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