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Winter Bikini Dip 4

Week 2, dip 1.

Air 14c

Sea 12.8c

26 mins

After a stormy weekend I didn’t think that the sea was going to be an option today, so I decided I would fill up the garden bath (that makes it sound much more glamorous than it is...) and test it out. Long suffering husband was roped in, as always, to film it. He trudged manfully into the garden, watching in bemused silence as his wife faffed about, flinging off her cat themed dressing gown and stepping into the bath. By some miracle none of the cats photo bombed. The water was 13.2c so wasn‘t too bad really. I didn’t stay in long, just fannied on working out what my set up was going to be like for winter.

I can confirm that YES you do feel completely barmy sitting in a bath in your garden in a bikini in October. Who knew!

Later on that day I had the brainwave of doing a proper promotional type video involving the bath..long suffering husband roped back in again....and once I can work out how to get the video from my phone to my iPad I will upload it to you tube and put it on here.

Just as I was filling up the bath I had a text from my super swimming friend Jane suggesting a noon sea dip.

I met Jane, Andy and Amber at the beach. The sea was quite calm with gentle waves. I put my sign up, which has been made stronger to withstand the Northumbrian winter, but harder to get in the sand. Trial and error all the way!

Had a lovely chatty dip in an almost balmy 12.8c. The lack of wind makes all the difference to a pleasant swim...and not just the bag...

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