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Winter Bikini dip 3....nudey nudey

OOPS! Day 3 of the challenge and I've already forgotten my bikini...

My phone pinged. 6am Saturday 3rd October 2020. "You're up too...fancy a skinny before it gets light?" Dark outside. Pissing it down. Cold. Skinny dip? Instead of my bikini challenge? Hell yeah! ALWAYS wanted to swim naked in the sea and here was my chance. It is also World Ostomy Day so what better way to celebrate it...

Off I sped to the coast, shouting to my husband that I was off to swim naked in the sea (some sort of mumble in reply), driving through the rain to the beach 5 miles away. I met my friend (who wishes to remain anonymous...but is equally as mad as me) and we quickly walked down the beach steps, laughing quite hysterically at what we were about to do. Off came the clothes and we marched to the sea, which was quite calm in between the big waves that were coming every 20 seconds. Woooosh!!! Bloody HELL! Amazing!! Sea wasn't really cold, amazingly, and it was hilarious being bashed by the waves (at waist height, no deeper), while our wobbly bits bobbed and slapped on the breaking ripples (that was an R not N). Never laughed so much in a long time, it felt awesome, and ridiculous, and exciting all at the same time. We laughed and shrieked in the water for about 20 minutes, then the heavens opened and the rain came down in an almighty downpour.

Out we rushed, still laughing, getting dressed in the brightening light, feeling exhilarated and powerful all at once.

Naked in the sea in October.


Week 1, 3 swims. Done.

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