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Week 8 of the bikini challenge and a mention in Midwife mag!

After my glorious dip in the River Aln, with the majestic Alnwick Castle standing high above us, I went back to the sea for the remainder of the week. I snuck one swim in as the sun was setting, which was brilliant fun actually, and I didn’t have heart failure as the shadows increased. It helps that I was in the company of a crackers friend, the ever present Jane, and we had a good giggle as the sea crashed around us in the dimming light.

I had another dip, but without any watery photos, with a friend who has been wanting to try cold water swimming for a long time, and she finally plucked up the courage to come along. We went to Low Newton, where the low tide wasn’t so low, and after a pep talk on the beach (with the crucial promise of hot chocolate and cream for after), we made our way into the gentle waves. Although she didn’t have a swimming costume, just a vest and shorts, she embraced the whole experience, shouting that she felt simply “exhilarated” from the cold buzz. Her face was one of pure joy and I got such a rush from seeing her pleasure. There really is nothing better than sharing your passion with someone else, and watching them get the same magic as you. She in fact then bought a swimming costume and came along for my first swim of week 9....

My final swim of the week was at Bamburgh beach, a glorious long sandy beach further north, which has been the setting for numerous Hollywood films, including Elizabeth. My friend and I got up early on Sunday to catch the sunrise, and we weren’t disappointed. It was magical. I even found a tiny dead starfish. We ate bacon butties afterwards and drank our coffees in contented silence. This was after, however, the coldest dip....a freezing 7.6c! It took a LOT of faffing to get in the water, and a hell of a lot of screaming...god knows what passers by would have thought as our shrieks ruptured the Sunday morning tranquility. It took a few attempts to get in and it was very very cold. But I did it!

I was also sent a photo of a page in the current edition of Midwives magazine, which featured my website in the One To Watch section - showcasing that it concentrates on positive stories of life after birth trauma/stoma surgery. I am ecstatic! Midwives are the people I have been so keen to reach, and to think that Midwives across the country will be thumbing through their magazine and seeing my website, makes me break out into the biggest smiles. Hopefully they will direct women to my site of happiness and hope.

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Alison Draper
Alison Draper
28 thg 11, 2020

Stunning setting for your swim ! You seem to have lovely weather following you :-)

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