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Week 6 & Week 7 Bikini swims

Swims 29-36

After starting my week 6 swims on a high with a swim at Chillingham Castle, my 29th dip took place at sunrise, although sun decided to remain hidden behind the clouds. The sea was 9.4 with the air a very brisk 4c, coldest yet outside. Dip 30 was a stunning evening dip with the sun setting on a flat, calm sea, marshmallows to follow on an open fire, the final swim before a month lockdown.

Dip 31 was a chilly weekend dip, sea getting lower at 9.1 and air a robust 5c. Dip 32 was a Sunday saunter in the waves, where I bumped into another swimmer I have never met before. When she asked me what was on the beach sign, she exclaimed “oh you’re the stoma lady!” . I was so chuffed! I have been called, variously, crazy cat lady, crazy chicken lady and just general crazy lady, but this is the first time I have been the stoma lady - crazy stoma lady. I like it! That saw the 5th and final dip of week 6.

Week 7 began with a swim at Low Newton, followed by hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows, a marvellously winning combination on a cold November beach post swim! Dip 2 was a sensational sunrise, red skies and a flat sea. No better way to start your day!

The third dip of week 7 was on Friday 13th, a surprisingly uneventful dip considering the date!

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