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War Stories from the Womb - Podcast

Do you ever listen to a podcast/radio show, and wish that there was a medical expert providing an explanation for issues which guests discuss? Paulette Kamenecka provides a platform for just that, and I was delighted to be asked to feature on her show.

Dr Debra Matityahu, respected OB (gynae) and founder of Beyond Fistula, is the medical expert who explained in medical terms what I discuss.

Nancy Farmer gave permission for her art work to be used for the podcast - it's a gorgeous image which has been used. On me! How lucky!

I never fail to be humbled by people's introductions to me....first time I have ever been described as a badass!

"Episode 25: This Birth led to a Skydive, a Triathlon and an English Channel Crossing: Gill

I am often inspired by the women who share their stories with me, and today's guest is an amazing example of overcoming - overcoming a premature birth and a fourth degree tear and a misdiagnosis and a fistula and a find in herself what's become almost an allergy to fear. Having had so many elements of her life overturned by her experience of birth, she was reborn, in a way, as a complete badass, tackling every physical thing that previously induced fear in her. She's challenging all the ideas that had created limits on her life, and in the process, raising awareness and money for others who've experienced birth trauma and who are living with a stoma."

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