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End of week 5. 27 dips. Lovely jubbly

The weather and waves have been kind this past week, and I’ve managed 4 dips, including a double dip yesterday as the sun was out in force.

It has been an exciting week Chez Chameleon, some thrilling things coming up soon as a result of conversations this week. Yours truly will also be the gracing some papers and magazines too, I’ll post up what they are and when they are coming out. I have so many dreams and hopes for this website and my message of positivity....

As a family we have been to the cinema for the first time since February...I must have needed the rest though because I fell asleep for an hour and only woke up when I snored. Ah well, mortifying our kids is a parents prerogative, surely....

I’ve also dragged my sorry ass out on a run in the torrential rain, slogging away and hating every second...but as always I felt a smug AF afterwards. So much of my life is spent doing things I don’t particularly feel like doing just because I know I’ll feel better afterwards.

Just feast your eyes on the photos from this weeks dips, ranging in temperature from 11.5c to 10.6c, times from 15 minutes to 25, mostly in the sunshine, mostly flat, some sunrises and in some kelp. Now up to 27 dips, over £2,200 raised for the Birth Trauma Association already! Oh, and one picture of me after my rainy run. Sorry folks, had to add it...

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