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A “meh” day improved with humour. Always.

It’s been a funny day, felt a bit meh for no reason at all, but even so I’ve managed to find things to amuse myself - humour really is essential to get through life I think 🤗😁

Firstly, I decided I would try and make a video of me explaining to ostomates (people who have stomas), how to put on hydro extenders (basically additional bits of sticky stuff you put on the edge of the bag to help it last longer without a potential leak), as I used to wear them all the time. I felt a bit weird actually, standing in my bikini in my bathroom talking away...then my cat Rocky raced in and plunged his claws right into my ass mid-talk. That was the end of my first attempt at something vaguely resembling a professional thing. Why is nothing ever simple with cats?

I started work early so I could have a lunchtime dip, and managed to take one solitary selfie. I mean FFS, even my goggles are on upside down 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 how long have I been swimming?! I also have a very long horsey face 🐴

I chucked on my exceptionally sexy grey onesie, which I sat in all afternoon in my (home) office, with my brown polka dot dressing gown ontop. If only the window cleaners had been around today, they missed a treat.

Eventually I decided to take it off, unzipped it and the zipper got caught in hair next to my bellybutton. HOW IS THAT EVEN A THING?! Am I actually a chimp masquerading as a woman? I often wonder.

Takeaway for tea. Oh and I did actually manage a double dip - went back out to the sea after work and a friend took some fab photos, 10 zillion times better than my incompetent selfie, and when I was blissfully unaware - arms out, waves in face. Perfect.

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