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Bollettino Postale Per Passaporto Elettronico Pdf Downloadgolkes [Latest 2022]




bollettino postale per passaporto elettronico pdf free downloadgolkes watste Aug 12, 2020 . Bollettino Postale Per Passaporto Elettronico Pdf 13Karnataka's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday blamed Congress for breaking the trust of people as it turned its attention to the winning of the trust of people in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Addressing a poll meeting at Nandi in Karnataka, BJP national president Amit Shah said the Congress was misguiding the people of the country by raising issues of corruption and the National Herald case. Shah, who is a Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka, said the Congress should have started the fight against the government over the case of national security whistleblower Shivshankar Menon, instead of targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi over a sting operation carried out by a private TV channel. "The Congress is misguiding the people of the country by raising the issue of corruption and National Herald case. The party has broken the trust of the people," he told the gathering. Shah said the Congress broke the trust of the people by "fixing" a probe into the corruption charges against the Prime Minister and by questioning his citizenship. The BJP leader said the opposition has run away from its stand on Ram temple in Ayodhya, Ayogami inscription on the birthplace of Lord Ram, adoption of Hindi as the state language and on surgical strikes. "A country where there is no law and order will not remain democratic. The Congress has failed to fulfil its promises. It has not solved the problems of farmers, youth, labourers and common people," he said. Accusing the Congress of being "misguided", Shah said that it would not be possible to topple the BJP from power, because of the difference in support base of Congress and the BJP. "There are many issues on which the BJP and Congress do not agree. But, we have to come together to take on the Congress and the "misguided" BJP," he said. The BJP leader said it is difficult to gain people's support, but the Congress has failed to build a party for the masses by dividing people on religious lines. Earlier in the day, addressing a meeting in Belgaum, Shah said, "Congress is being misguided. It is being misguided. You have to bring the country




Bollettino Postale Per Passaporto Elettronico Pdf Downloadgolkes [Latest 2022]

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