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Work. First day since April 8th....

First day back at work since April. Won’t lie, I’m very grateful to still have a job. Best thing about working from home is the lack of worry about the damn toilet wooooo! Every cloud and all that. But it also means I am accompanied on every toilet trip by at least one cat. Can’t win em all! Current job at a roofing contractor is as far removed from former police officer role as it’s possible to be, first job in an office and all the toiletry stress that involves but! I really enjoy it, flexible, work with lovely people and it fits in with our lifestyle. Haven’t been spat at, kicked or abused yet either so that’s always a bonus...police do get their challenges...

Coffee. Immediately.

Rocky immediatley made himself at home in the spectacularly uncomfortable spot just behind my neck, perfect place to strain the neck. And after announcing his presence with a fluffy butt in my face. Obviously.

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