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Winter Bikini dip 2

Bikini Challenge dip 2

Week 1

Dip 2

Air temp 7c

Water 11.8c

I’ve only been to this spot once before, on my birthday last week, when the water was clear and glorious. Today...not so much. Thick with kelp, murky brown and a scum of kelp sperm ontop. Not even kidding. How delightful. Kept ones mouth firmly shut, other than when laughing and shrieking and chatting. Had my little sign up again and saw some people reading it, before glancing over to see us in the . One lady approached one of the other swimmers after I left and said she’d taken a photo of the sign, and wished me luck. Lush.

Happily I had a photographic expert friend with me who yet again took some amazing photos, making me look 10 billion times better than I actually do, instead of my usual seaweed scarecrow self.

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