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Winter bikini dip 13. Murky river. Vile.

Winter bikini dip 13

Air 9 Water 9.7 15 mins ish

Well THAT WAS GRIM. Chucking it down, brown river, sticks and leaves sticking to me, a piece of reed wrapped around my foot, mud, absolutely f’ing vile. Spotted a stick which resembled a crocodile, commonly found in the River Aln of course. A friend phoned me in the middle of the live feed causing much laughter.

But also hilarious! It’s only when you do bananas things like this that the laughter comes. There are other ways to have a giggle of course, most normal people don’t throw themselves in ridiculous rivers to have a giggle, but whatever floats your boat I suppose. So panicked about not getting my 3 swims a week in I’m even doing it on days like this. It’s only Tuesday FFS. Loads of time.

I look like one of those funny medieval men in the second pic, or like one of those people taking part in a gurning competition.

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