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Winter bikini challenge dip 7

Winter bikini challenge dip 7

Week 2 dip 4

Air 9c

Sea 12.7c

Cold feet! Once the sea temperature dips below 10c it’s an entirely different ball game. I’m managing a lot of dips at the moment as the sea is calm, weather is kind and the sea is at that crucial above 10c temp.

This dip actually turned out to be a topless one half way round, as I did front crawl for the first time in a bikini. Luckily I had goggles on otherwise I would more than likely have blinded myself. Bikini plus cold water plus front crawl = topless bullets. Oocha. Think I’ll have to get some gorilla tape and strap my tops down or something....I already look crackers so...🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂

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