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Winter Bikini Challenge dip 5

Week 2, dip 2

Air 10c

Sea 12.2

Time 27 mins

I love a swimrise - a swim with the sun coming up. There is something really special about being in the water when the sun is coming up. It makes you feel even more at one with nature, which sounds a bit cringy, but it's true. The sun made an appearance through the clouds as the 4 of us bobbed and chatted, having got in at 7:15 in time for the sun to start rising 5 minutes later. The water is usually much colder in the morning, but it was a lovely calm swim. Birds skimming the water, friends chatting (while socially distanced, of course), sun rising.

I had a message from someone on Instagram yesterday telling me that they had been advised by their perinatal health team to check out my blog. I almost cried. I have no idea how they have heard of me, or where she is based, but to know that women who are struggling are being signposted to something positive, when I had nothing, is wonderful.

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