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When you don’t want to get in...get in!

Confession! 👋🏻 I did NOT want to go in the sea today. I haven’t been in for a week, apart from a mini paddle in seaweed hell on a Tuesday, so I’ve opted for garden baths this week. You still feel better after the cold water of the bath, and I like the banter from the live feed thingy, but it’s not the same.

I had The Nerves about going back in - it’s funny how quickly you turn to thinking “it’s too cold, it’s grim, I can’t be bothered”. It was torrential, bucketing rain all the way there, as I laughed crazily to myself...WHY AM I DOING THIS?!

Arrived, met my Channel coach John, a voice of calm and experience in comparison to my giddy chaos. Beneath all my giggles is determination though...

A big bash about in strong waves, shrieking and laughing with the girls, god how I have missed this! So much energy, joy, FREEDOM! The power of the sea is something else. I came out and then saw a friend had her phone so I ran back in for evidentiary photos. Thank you Leonie Hyslop you got some crackers!

Incidentally, you don’t need Botox. You just need to put on a swimming hat and pull it back, and voila! Instant high eyebrows. I look mildly surprised on all of them.

Drove home grinning all the way. Realised my hat had got soggy so it was like wearing a very small, smelly damp Labrador on my head. Opted for hat-free driving for the remainder.

Today I have also had £60 worth of donations to Birth Trauma Association - UK for my bikini challenge. So THANK YOU!

THAT is why I’m doing this.

Came home and attempted a nice quiet bath but Frank was having none of it. Never any peace in this house!

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