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When 2 naughty puppies ran off with my bra when I was swimming...

There I was, getting changed next to a rural lake, which some fellow open water swimmers had hired for a couple of hours, when I got chatting to two of the ladies. The lake belonged to a farmer, and his 2 mischievous (aka LUSH) beagle puppies had followed us all to the lake. I commented to the women that I hoped they wouldn't steal my bra when I was in the water swimming, to which they replied, quite reasonably having never met me, "But, why would they do that?". I shrugged and replied that it was the sort of thing that happened to me...

You guessed we were swimming in the lake, me trying my best not to ruin the tranquil atmosphere by shrieking like a banshee every time a weed touched my toe, we noticed that the puppies were running along with something white. My knickers!!! As I was clambering out to retrieve them, thanking god that at least they weren't orange leopard print or something, the puppies dropped them. I decided that since I was now out of the water, I'd do a live feed for my Facebook blog, to say what the lake had been like as a follow up to the one I had done on arrival. The moment I pressed "live" on my phone, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the puppies were pelting past with something else in their mouths.......

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