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Two photos

Two photos. The first I took during my first day back at work today, when I became fixated on having a sore ear and, as I work mainly with men, I didn’t have anyone to show my ear to ask if there was anything funny about it. There is, randomly, a very sore small bruise inside the top! How the bloody hell did that happen!? This is the sort of bizarre thing I find on my phone at the end of my day. Hopefully none of the work lads saw me taking sneaky photos of my ear, though even if they did I bet they wouldn’t have thought it was anything out of the ordinary (for me). I also just noticed my dangly cat earrings, oh how I have missed wearing them for work 😻

The second photo is an Instagram (🤮) worthy one which I planned to take, of Sam putting his hand on mine. “But mum, why are we doing this? Seriously. This is going on your blog? Why!?”. Why indeed. Well tonight is the last night before he goes back to school tomorrow, and after we had a lovely sunny tea in the garden. We actually had a CONVERSATION about me being at work, and what he is excited about for school. His hands had become miraculously unglued from the PlayStation for more than 36 seconds. He’s missed his friends most of all. Tomorrow he will be super happy and will jet off to school full of joy. Tomorrow night there may even be another Conversation, about his first day back, and my second.

By Thursday he will be dragged reluctantly out of bed, aghast that he has to get up EVERY WEEKDAY morning before 8, put clean pants on and even, can you believe it, brush his teeth before 12. That evening there will be no Conversation, as he will have done Nothing, spoken to No-one, eaten Nothing, learnt Nothing and remembered Nothing else about his day.

I’m looking forward to some normality! Even if it is Nothing.

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