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The emotions of an Oct bikini dip

The emotions of a bikini dip in October....

Am I f’ing mad?

Yes, I am.

This is cold.

Very cold.

Friend tells jokes, much laughter.

The Fear Of The Under Water Ducking

Shoulders in

More laughter


Double dipped today as it was such a nice evening. There will be NO double dipping soon. Far too bloody cold. Came home and ate my body weight in food after 2 dips and a cycle today. I do have a job by the way, just hit lucky and don’t work Fridays or Mondays 😁

I promise this page isn’t just about open water swimming, just with my current fundraising challenge it’s featuring more than usual!

Yesterday I was featured on the Outdoor Swimming Society website! This is almost hilarious when you consider how scared I was of the sea until a couple of years ago. If you don’t believe me, check out my blog post on my website (“Overcoming my fear of the sea one swim at a time”) - infamously among my OWS friends I didn’t open my eyes underwater (with goggles) for 18 months as I was too scared.

I hope this gives someone who would like to give it a go, but is too scared, to have a rethink. Honestly, just give yourself a bit of time and you will get there.

I forgot saying I was going to be “prancing about in the sea”, made myself sound like a pony 🙄🤣

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