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Sleeping with a body....

One of the first things I noticed after I had my stoma was that it was very uncomfortable to lie on my side to sleep, and the stoma was pressed against the bed. As someone who always slept on their left side, which is where my stoma is, I cannot begin to tell you how annoying this was. I took to sleeping cuddling a pillow, which ostensibly was for physical comfort, but in reality I think that this was also for mental solace, because I felt so alone and traumatised (my husband working away from home for weeks and months), that I needed some physical thing to hold to help me sleep. Over the years, apart from my cats, none of whom really appreciated being clasped in my trembling arms for hours through the night, I have gone through quite a few squishy pillows.

I stumbled across the Kally Sleep body pillow last week, and decided to give it a try. It has arrived and is perfect! Takes all the pressure off the stomach and gives you something to hug at night. I’d hug my husband but as with all men, his body is a furnace of about 10,000 degrees, and after a long day of my twittering in his ear, the last thing he wants is me grasping him at night when he wants some peace. With a bonus 25% off it was a bargain! I’m not on any commission by the way, just thought I’d share something I found which is so perfect for side sleepers in general, people with stomas AND those battling some form of trauma. As always, my cat Rocky had to be involved in my extremely professional and well planned photo shoot.

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