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Rat Race - start of day 2

The night in the tent was not fun. I repeat, NOT FUN. Once more for luck. NOT FUN. The torrential ran of the day before had turned the campsite into the proverbial mud bath, our tent was wet inside and out, and it was almost impossible to get completely dry and warm. Some friends I knew had paid an exorbitant amount for a big posh tent, with proper beds, but that too was saturated, with 2 of the beds completely unusable. Money can't buy you everything it seems, and most definitely not a dry bed in a tent on a stormy weekend in bonny Scotland. We were both almost relieved to see the day dawn, just to get the now dreaded second day over and done with. However, the rain had gone and sun was shining. A new day had indeed dawned, and our spirits began to lift.

The morning started with a 21 mile cycle, but it was along a much flatter route, with some gentle hills thrown in to mix it up a bit. The difference from the day before, in terms of weather and route, could not have been greater.

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