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Lisa Shaw from BBC Radio Newcastle called me this morning to interview me about the blog. The interview went well, Lisa Shaw was really lovely, it was just like chatting with a friend. Quite bizarre hearing such a well known voice coming through my own phone! I was pretty nervous but hopefully I made a bit of sense and didn’t babble too much. I’m like a duck (not a graceful swan) going across a pond - look like I’m sailing when in fact my legs are going like the clappers underneath to get me to the other side! Chickens were very curious and watched intently through the window, thankfully the cats were unaware that a door had been shut in the house so they didn’t dash over to demand to be let in.

I mentioned the importance of identity, particularly for mothers, who often lose their identity when they have a child. For me, I found it intensely irritating when people would focus just on Sam and how he was fine when he was born, dismissing what i was going through as just one of those things that happen to women when they give birth. I refused to accept that I wasn’t important as a person in my own right, and not just as a mother, it felt like an uphill struggle at times. People mean to be kind, and they feel that they must say something to make you feel better, but sometimes it has the effect of making you feel invisible. I talked about the ability of people to do pretty much anything if they put their mind to it, that anything is possible, and even if not, just give it a go. That’s the most important thing of all - to just have a bit of faith and have a go. You might just surprise yourself.

All good! How exciting! Hope I got my message of positivity across 🙅🏼‍♀️😬🤗

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