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New bike ride out. Ice cream. Bullfrogs.

Lush cycle with Long Suffering Husband (LSH) today on our CHILD FREE weekend (I love my child but if I hear the words “minecraft” or “youtube” one more time I’ll stuff the cats fur balls in my ears and be done with it). I don’t normally experiment with nutrition on the bike but we stopped for an ice lolly (LSH had adult coffee) and I saw a mint magnum...big mistake....Colin (aka colostomy) objected strongly to this so I cycled the last 15 miles with an angry bull frog attached to my stomach. Made me want to cycle faster but actually prevented me doing so 🤔😏🥴

Now I know I cycled quite a way today (depends if you are A Cyclist really as that’s a normal cycle out to many), and I was in two minds whether to post up the distance. For me, I get bored to tears reading peoples exercise updates (unless pretty pictures and funny comments), and sometimes I don’t find it inspiring but bloody depressing actually, as sometimes you’re just not in the mood for it and wonder how you’d ever do the same. But!! The whole point of the page is to show what you can do so....

Oh, and I found out my face does indeed turn a matching purple going uphills. Who knew.