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Lockdown birthday 2020

A bit of a different birthday this year, starting off with a high speed walk past my parents so they could throw my present at me (purple dangly cat earrings) before a bikini dip at a rock pool I found along the coast. It was 13.2 degrees, so 1 degree colder than the sea has been. Felt brisk but bloody amazing. Dragged LSH with me, who said it wasn’t even registering on the remotely weird, as I flung off my bikini bottoms while in the little pool. Decided taking my top off was a step too far with walkers around. Can confirm that swimming breaststroke while in the nuddy in 13.2 degrees, means certain parts of the anatomy get a rude awakening during specific elements of the stroke..

My stoma bag covering from Elaines Stoma Covers kept my bag nice and dry, so nice to get changed afterwards and not have wet clothes!

A nice drive home along the beautiful Northumbrian coastline, before sitting in the sunshine with my old cat, Georgie, reading my book and drinking coffee. Picked up child from school, who immediately went to Skype his I sneaked off to the beach for another dip. I saw some other swimmers in the water today, which was nice to see as you do feel that bit safer when someone else is there.