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Channel Swim slot....CONFIRMED!

Yesterday I had my Channel Swim solo slot confirmed by Stuart Gleeson of Sea Leopard! My slot is 23-29th August 2023, swimmer 4. The month of August is perfect because the water will be warm (relatively...) and hopefully the weather will be settled. Swimmer 4 is not ideal because I am the last swimmer down to swim on that tide, but there is plenty of time for that to change, and as I am flexible with living in the UK I can be slotted in before or after that tide if it comes to it. A lot of Channel swimming is open to last minute changes so there is no point in worrying about being the last swimmer at this stage. The most important thing is that I have got a slot! A flood of emotions came over me once it was confirmed - excitement, terror, nerves, and a very fast racing heart with sweaty hands....this is the start of it all for real....bring it on! I have a lot to sort out in terms of what to do with my stoma bag - but I’ll be talking more about that as I continue with this preparation.

My physio has been going well, and now I have just a knotty left tricep. I have started personal training with Pip August to strengthen my body further in preparation for lockdown restrictions easing, with pools set to open on 12th April. Throughout the winter I have kept my cardio up with regular running and cycling, and of course my cold water tolerance has been well and truly tested by my winter bikini challenge!

Carlos Chippy in Alnwick have come forward with a very welcome donation of £200 towards my physio/PT/coaching fees, for which I am very grateful. If I don’t start off with a strong body it will make the rest of it so much harder.

Huge thanks as always to Hollister Incorporated for being my main sponsor and for providing me with this fantastic opportunity.

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