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Bikini dip 19. Garden bath. SPIDERS

Oh my god. Did you know that spiders naturally gravitate to garden baths? No, me neither - until this morning anyway. I absolutely loath the damn things, although it doesn't actually give me any pleasure to see them dead - and most definitely not in the bath that I am about to step into. I had to remove at least 8 of the 8 legged b******rs, and a woodlouse.

I opted for the sea because it is currently a huge spring tide on the coast, which is bringing enormous waves and swirling waters. I don't feel particularly safe in this sort of water, I can't relax, and essentially with open water swimming you must always act on your own instincts. So the bath beckoned.

As always I was accompanied by my ever helpful cats - not in the bath thankfully, but pottering around around me while I was sitting in the freezing water. They didn't seem to think I was doing anything out of the ordinary, which surely must say something about my life.

Enjoy the videos folks....

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