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Bikini blasting stoma bag cover has arrived!

Really excited to have my own waterproof bag covers, with my logo on them, made by the extremely talented Elaine over at Elaine’s Stoma Covers on Facebook. Elaine was really keen to help me out as I wanted a waterproof cover to put over my bag to protect poor wee Colin (aka the colostomy) from the freezing cold North Sea during my mad bikini challenge. So Colin will have a normal bag and then a snazzy custom made one, with a toggle and everything, to keep it snug. I won’t be snug...but never mind...can’t have it all when you’re doing crazy fundraisers...

Elaine has loads of different fabric designs to choose from so any ostomates who want an awesome covering check out her page!

I have also just received my first Birth Trauma Bikini Blasting Winter Dip donation has arrived! Eek! Exciting! Thank you to Natalie Hughes it means I have to do it now, of course...and did I mention that the first donator has to come in the sea with me? Bikini optional, smile essential.....won’t be difficult for you lovely! Thank you.

Don’t worry folks. I will be posting updates throughout the 8 month challenge...expect cold feet, chattering teeth, sand moustaches and swearing....

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