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Bikini Challenge Swim 36

What an exciting morning! My interview with ITV Tyne Tees news which was cancelled on Friday was rearranged for this morning. Obviously I have had 36 hours to wildly catastrophise, tense jaw and headaches stressing about the wind being too high and the waves being too big to get in, worrying that I won’t get my message of positivity across, and feeling quite sick with nerves. Now the key to a happy life I find, is that even if you are feeling unbelievably anxious and worried about something, you MUST do it anyway as the feeling of bloody awesomeness you get after facing a fear is like nothing else. I’d never have pulled out. And whaddya turned about perfectly, even better than I could ever have imagined! A cameraman’s dream it was.

Firstly, the wind wasn’t too bad at all. Secondly, the sea was flat. Thirdly, we were joined, completely at random, by two beautiful white horses who came for a paddle while we were swimming. Fourthly, a rainbow struck just as I was getting out. You can actually see a picture of the cameraman running backwards and forwards across the beach trying to capture it all 😂 it was INCREDIBLE! Never even seen horses on this beach before, let alone had them come in the water with us! Although the owners did ask us not to swim much closer in case the horses freaked out and they ended up in the water with us 😂 I don’t think the horses were expecting 2 women bobbing about shrieking during their Sunday morning paddle 😂

I’ll always worry about things but I never let it stop me. That’s the difference in me now as a few years ago I’d have let the anxiety dictate what I do. Now I go 🖕🏻 to that and just crack on 💪🏻🙅🏼‍♀️☺️

Tune into ITV Tyne Tees news at 6pm Monday 16th November.

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2 commenti

18 nov 2020

Thank you Alison! Yes, you GO FOR IT! Xx

Mi piace

Alison Draper
Alison Draper
16 nov 2020

Well done that's FAB !! Thank you for reminding me not to let fear take control XXX

Mi piace
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