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April 21st 2012- 24th April

Saturday 21st April – Tuesday 24th April 2012

So it got to Saturday 2st April after a really hideous night. I could feel dripping and oozing between my legs all night over the Saturday, I was too scared to look as I was on my own with Sam and didn’t want to have to go to hospital on a Friday night with him when he should be in bed. I waited until 8am and had a look in my pants. There was pus and brown gunk everywhere, it almost looked like faeces. I washed in the shower and brown stuff, almost like fibre, came out of my rear end. I was really scared it was faeces and I didn’t know what to do. I quickly fed Sam and went to the walk in hospital where I managed to see a Dr. I cried in the waiting room and was so upset when I first saw her I could hardly speak. I was so worried as I knew something was wrong. She was very kind and examined me, she said that there was a lot of pus coming out of the fistula, and that the anti-biotics were working but the pus had all gathered up in the fistula and then burst out overnight. She referred me to the Pre-Surgical Assessment unit in the hospital in town. I was absolutely beside myself. Chris was offshore, my parents were at a funeral in South Wales, all my baby friends have their own babies to look after, and they weren’t answering their phones. I had no-one to look after Sam and I didn’t even know how to get to the hospital. Eventually I contacted Gareth who I work with and he came to my rescue. He drove Sam and I to the hospital and wheeled Sam around when he got upset. I was examined and they said they would look at me under general anaesthetic to work out what was going on. I was starved and had a room. My mum then arrived around 2:30pm from South Wales bless her, so Gareth took Sam to my house where she was waiting. I was eventually released from hospital around 6pm (?) as they said they would examine me the next morning. I went back the next morning but they had some emergencies in so I wasn’t actually put under until 5:30pm ish. I had asked for some fluids at before 2pm as I was getting very dehydrated and I was worried about it affecting my stoma working. I repeatedly asked and asked for fluids but the nurses said that they had been asking the Drs. At around 5:30 they attached me to the drip and then literally that second they came to take me to theatre.

I was discharged at around 8pm and Gareth came and picked me up and took me home. It was just awful in hospital I hate it so much! Sam had been upset all weekend as he could sense the tension, and he was up all Saturday night – I only had an hours sleep, not ideal before an op.!!! Fed up of the whole bloody thing!! I just really need to move home and be with my family to recover from this hideous ordeal. Something needs to give before I have a total nervous breakdown.

I rang my GP’s surgery at 8am and demanded to see GP. I saw her at 9 and told her I simply could not cope any more. She agreed that I should be on sick leave as I am clearly not capable of working, and in order for me to move home to be with my family so they can help me.

I got a call on the Tuesday, 24th April , from the GP’s surgery, saying that the hospital had lost the swab that I had done myself last Thursday in the surgery toilets!!!!! I said it didn’t matter as I had been operated on over the weekend. What a fucking joke.