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A morning dip on NO COFFEE

Morning! Alarm was set for 5:45am for a 6:30am sea swim, but I fell back asleep until 6am and shot out of bed, throwing poor Frank into the wardrobe in my haste. Dashed to the coast having discovered I had RUN OUT OF COFFEE and thought I’d take some “inspiring” photos. In the first its the sea. So far, so good. The second is me. Wowsa. I wonder which side of my face I was sleeping on? 😂 look like I’ve been bashed on the right side of my face with a rock. Third photo with goggles on. Was attempting a hearty grin but deep inside I was thinking “why the hell am I up at this hour, so cold?”. I’m sure this feeling isn’t portrayed on my face...Final shot was meant to be the euphoric, just got out of the sea and feeling amazing look. Instead I look like I’ve had a fight with an octopus, who has slicked my hair with a covering of oil before electrocuting me up the backside. Ah well.

I felt better after it! I promise! Happy Saturday folks, it can only get better! 🙌🏻😁

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