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31st October - 17th November 2011

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Monday 31st October – Wednesday 2nd Nov

Transitional Care and then discharged. I looked at my medical notes on discharge and was amazed that I could see no references to the pain I had undergone, nor any mention of the panic buzzer being pressed when I was on the toilet, nor the distress I had suffered due to my pain. I could see no entry from the male midwife regarding our conversation.

Monday 7th November

My mum arrived to take over so Chris could go back to work. It cost me £90 to put her on my car insurance. During the time my mum was here I suffered an allergic reaction to handcream and ended up in A and E getting my eternity ring cut off (Monday 14th Novembear)

Thursday 10th November

Urine infection suspected still to be present after being treated for 5 days with anti biotics so sent off sample which came back borderline. Got this information on the Friday so dropped off another sample of urine on the Monday morning.

Tuesday 15th November

3pm. GP surgery rang back and said that the nurse had asked her to call me back yesterday afternoon confirming that I have still got a urine infection but she hadn’t got round to it. I told her I had been to A & E the night before for an allergic reaction and had got further anti biotics then. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t bothered to call me back for 24 hours – I get very badly affected by urine infections.

Wednesday 16th November

Rang to speak with the Manager of the surgery to express my concerns about my care as urine infections were not being treated quickly enough and I felt that it should not be treated in isolation. I wanted a dr to overview my care. I was told she would be back tomorrow.

Thursday 17th November

I called the Surgery to speak to the Manager and was told that she had my message and that she was going to speak with Dr ***** at the drs about it. She did not get in contact with me and when I saw Dr ******* the following week (Wednesday 23rd?) she said the Practice Manager had not got in touch with her and she knew nothing about my concerns.

My trust in the medical team was decreasing, and I felt increasingly lonely and frightened.

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